> H0ld 0n to y0ur deck, Chummer

> C0s' your 1n for a wild r1de

clouds of iradiated dust flowed across the shattered earth, broken apart and reformed by the edies of solar radiation. The last cry of a ruined empire, ground to dust by it's own self destructive ways; left to be artifaced by the wind. The Sky was the color of nothing, a blank black webbed with cracks of grey; akin to a fractured liquid crystal display. No sane man dwelled in the wastes. The garden of neon is where they went.

A fertile city of glass and concrete. An oasis in the burn planes of past generations.

This was the place where the last of humanity thrived.

But it was soon gifted to corrupt hands through hacked elections and occult conspiracies. The orginal governing bodies soon collapsed, and the Mega-corps soon rose from the ashes of the endless anarchy.

The year is now 2080